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Learn How To Clean The Condenser Coil If Your Window A/C Unit Is Freezing Up

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If the front of your window air conditioning unit freezes up when it is turned on, a blockage in the condenser coil may be to blame. The condenser coil is responsible for transferring warm air into cool air. The following steps will teach you how to clean the condenser so that your unit works properly.  Use The Following Materials plastic sheeting towels wire brush wet/dry vacuum cleaner fin tool coil cleaner lint free cloths rust inhibiting spray ​Remove Dirt And Straighten Metal Pieces Read More»

A Penny Pincher's Guide To Creating A Stylish Entertainment Center

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Whether you have an older model television or a nice flat-screen, there is one piece of furniture you will want to use to display your television and that is a good entertainment center. The entertainment center is a functional piece of furniture that not only allows you a place to display your television, but keep your other television-related items contained. While you can buy new entertainment centers to coincide with just about any style preference, when you are on a tight budget, you may not want to spend your money just yet. Read More»

Extinguishing Common Fire Alarm Issues In The Residential Setting

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It is no secret that a fire alarm inside the home is one of the most valuable safety features you can have. They give you a line of alert during a fire that is hard to match by any other type of home security feature. However, if you have an outdated fire alarm system, it is likely that you will see an issue from time to time. Before calling a professional for an all-out system overhaul, it is a good idea to take a look at some of the most common problems. Read More»

Choosing The Right Dining Table For A Home With Children

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If you have kids then you already know your homes decorating is done with them in mind. This tradition will follow you into the dining room when it comes to finding the right dining table for your home. You want to consider the information detailed below when it comes to picking the dining room furniture that’s best for you and your family: Choose a durable material When you have small children, you need to be prepared for plenty of spills and messes. Read More»

Electrical Grounding And Simple Ways To Ensure Electrical Safety Of Your Home

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One of the most common ways used to increase safety in homes and to prevent damage to electrical appliances is through grounding. This allows excess electricity from appliances to flow to the ground through an earth rod rather than causing harmful surges that would destroy electronics, cause fires or result in even deadly electrical shocks to humans and pets. For your home to be considered properly grounded, there has to be a physical connection between the ground and the entire home’s electrical wiring. Read More»

Choosing A Mattress

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Did you know that people experience less signs of stress, restlessness, or back pain when they sleep on a newer mattress?  Unlike most furniture, mattresses are expendable items and they wear-out over time. If you’ve had your mattress for several years, it’s probably time for an upgrade, from outlets such as Mattress & Furniture Express.  Luckily there’s a huge variety of options available anywhere in the United States that were not available just a few years ago. Read More»