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Choosing The Right Dining Table For A Home With Children

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If you have kids then you already know your homes decorating is done with them in mind. This tradition will follow you into the dining room when it comes to finding the right dining table for your home. You want to consider the information detailed below when it comes to picking the dining room furniture that's best for you and your family:

Choose a durable material

When you have small children, you need to be prepared for plenty of spills and messes. You want to go with a material that's going to be easy to clean and won't become damaged by liquid spills. You can do this while still having a nice table if you consider all your options.

Laminate tables are a good choice because they are versatile, easy to clean and easy on your budget. Stainless steel tables can be great if you're trying to keep a stylish appearance in your home. They are heat and bacteria resistant, as well as easy to clean. Pine dining tables with a thick wax are also good choices. They are durable, easy to keep clean and provide you with a natural wood table.

Keep in mind that some types of dining tables are best left alone until after your children are older. Glass and marble tables can be dangerous choices with small children in the house. Marble is a very hard material they can get hurt on and glass can be broken with enough pressure or with pressure being put on a weak point.

Choose a safe design

When you have children you need to go with a table you know won't pose a safety risk when they go zipping through the dining room. You want to go with a round table or a table with rounded corners so you don't have to worry about your child hurting themselves on a sharp corner.

You should also try to go with a table that's not forehead-level with your little one if you have a toddler who's not yet steady on their feet. By going with a table that's just a couple inches taller or shorter, you can prevent some awful bumps.

Pick safe chairs

You want to choose chairs that provide stable seating for your children. They should have a wide base and a high back. You also want to stay away from chairs with separations in the back your child can get their arms or legs caught in. The chairs should have non-skid feet and not be too tall.

When you have children, choosing the right dining table will be about looks, functionality, easy maintenance and safety. Finding the right dining table will make eating times much smoother in your home.