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A Penny Pincher's Guide To Creating A Stylish Entertainment Center

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Whether you have an older model television or a nice flat-screen, there is one piece of furniture you will want to use to display your television and that is a good entertainment center. The entertainment center is a functional piece of furniture that not only allows you a place to display your television, but keep your other television-related items contained. While you can buy new entertainment centers to coincide with just about any style preference, when you are on a tight budget, you may not want to spend your money just yet. Besides, there are a handful of ways you can create your own entertainment center.

Convert an Old Dresser

That old dresser you toted out to the garage when you bought a new bedroom suite can serve purposefully as a new entertainment center with just a few minor adjustments. The fact that a dresser already has drawers for storage makes it ideal, but you can also remove a few drawers to create open spaces for displaying your Blu-Ray or DVD player. Pull out the top row of drawers, remove any guides that are inside, and line the bottom of the drawer opening at the bottom with a thin piece of plywood cut to size. When finished, you have an attractive TV stand that has existing space for storage and shelving for other electronic devices. Paint, stain, or coat the dresser in your choice of materials to match your family room.

Transform a Floor-Model Television

It really has not been that long since floor-model televisions were the most common types and there is a good chance you or someone you know still has one sitting around. These old TVs may not be efficient, or even functional, but they can be used to create a nice TV stand. The key is removing the inner material, such as the television screen itself and the electrical components, which are only held in with a few screws and small pieces of trim. Once you have all of the electrical components removed, you have a compact TV stand with a large shelf in the center to hold your smaller items.

Just because you live on a budget does not mean you cannot get the entertainment center you need. Take a second look at the outdated furniture you have in your home and you may just find something that needs a new purpose and is easy to transform. Talk to experts like Vandenberg Furniture for more information.