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Learn How To Clean The Condenser Coil If Your Window A/C Unit Is Freezing Up

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If the front of your window air conditioning unit freezes up when it is turned on, a blockage in the condenser coil may be to blame. The condenser coil is responsible for transferring warm air into cool air. The following steps will teach you how to clean the condenser so that your unit works properly. 

Use The Following Materials

  • plastic sheeting
  • towels
  • wire brush
  • wet/dry vacuum cleaner
  • fin tool
  • coil cleaner
  • lint free cloths
  • rust inhibiting spray

​Remove Dirt And Straighten Metal Pieces

Place a piece of plastic sheeting on the floor, in front of your air conditioning unit. Unplug your unit and wait for the ice to melt. Keep a couple of towels nearby to clean up water from the floor. Remove the unit's front cover and inspect the condenser coil. This part consists of metal pieces that form a grid. Use a wire brush to loosen debris that is stuck between the pieces.

Apply the hose from a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to the front of the condenser coil to suck up moisture and additional debris that could not be removed with the wire brush. Straighten any bent pieces of metal with a fin tool. Insert the corner of the tool underneath the areas that are bent and press them back into shape by applying pressure to them with the tool. Wipe off other parts of your unit's interior that are dirty with a damp cloth. Dry the interior well with a clean cloth.

Clean The Coil's Surface And Add A Rust Inhibitor

Spray an even coat of coil cleaner on the front of the condenser coil. This product will foam up after it is applied, allowing you to view which areas have been covered. Wipe the coil cleaner off with a damp, lint free cloth after a few minutes. Apply rust inhibiting spray to the condenser coil. The spray will keep the internal parts of your unit operating the proper way and will minimize staining and the accumulation of dirt in the future. Replace the cover to your unit and clean up the sheeting and any additional water that is on the floor.

Plug in the unit and adjust the thermostat. If cool air is blowing out of the vents and your home cools down as quick as it normally does, the problem has been resolved. Cleaning out your unit a couple times each summer will prevent additional blockages and assist with keeping your unit operating properly.