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4 Ways Proper Gutter Installation Can Save You Money On Facility Repairs

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Gutters serve an important function on your commercial facility by channeling water away from sensitive parts of your building's structure and landscaping. As such, they can do a great deal to improve the condition of your structure and prevent moisture damage that can necessitate expensive repairs.

The following are just four of the many ways having rain gutters properly installed on your commercial facility can save you money on repair costs:

Preventing floods in the basement or on the ground floor level of your facility

If water is allowed to drain off a roof right below down to the perimeter of a building, flooding in the basement and on the ground floor of the interior will be more likely.

Flooding inside a structure is expensive to repair because it can lead to water damage to expensive fixtures and accessories like furniture pieces and electrical equipment. 

Maintaining your landscaping

Water that is freely falling from your facility's eaves will wreak havoc on the landscaping below. It could wash away landscape features like flowers and bushes and even destroy walkways and patio areas that are important to the functionality of your building's exterior. 

Landscaping tends to be labor intensive and expensive. It's therefore important to protect this investment by having rainwater channeled away through downspouts so it won't disrupt your landscaping. 

Preventing leaks in your roof

Installing gutters involves slipping the gutters under the roof's flashing so that the roof is impermeable to water. 

If leaks are allow to occur on the edges of a roof, they can cause flooding on the top floor of a building. This can lead to damage to interior decor features like paint, wallpapering, and furniture. Leaks often require extensive reconstruction to repair once they occur because they can warp building materials like drywall and wall studs. 

Keeping your foundation and structural supports strong

Water that collects at the base of your facility's structure can permeate your foundation, eventually causing cracks and weakening the structure.

Water that also runs freely off a building's roof and down the walls can soak into drywall and wooden components of the building's walls. Water that permeates such components can allow mold, mildew, and other types of infestations to take root and detract from the structural strength of the building.

Structural problems resulting from moisture damage from rainwater and precipitation compromise safety and must be repaired. However, they are expensive to repair and require the purchase of both labor and materials. 

Gutter systems not only channel water off the roof and away from the walls, but they also tend to dump the water out far enough away from the structure so that it is not able to soak in to the building's foundation beneath the ground. 

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