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Eliminate Wild Onion Weeds From Your Lawn

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Wild onion is a perennial weed that grows in lawns that are sparsely covered with grass or that have poor soil conditions. This type of weed is notorious for the scent of onions that it emits and its bulbous root system that grows deep into the ground. Learn how to eliminate this pesky weed by trying the following tips. With persistence, your lawn will be weed-free and attractive, and you will be able to easily keep it maintained.

Smother The Plants And Use A Weed Tool

Apply a thin layer of mulch to wild onion patches to smother them and prevent the problematic plants from receiving oxygen or sunlight. After a few days, the weeds will wilt. When this occurs, remove the mulch and insert a weed tool around the perimeter of each dead weed to loosen the soil. Weed tools dig down deep into the ground, making them a suitable tool to use. Grasp each weed with both hands and pull upwards. Plant grass seed in any bare sections and water your lawn regularly until blades begin growing.

Apply Herbicides

Put on a pair of gloves and cover the lawn surrounding the weeds with plastic sheeting or drop cloths. Spray an herbicide directly at each wild onion plant. Many herbicides will take a couple days to work. Once the weeds have died, they will be easy to pull from the ground. Use a weed tool combined with your bare hands, making sure that you pull out the entire root system with each one.

Get into the habit of inspecting your lawn on a regular basis and treating any weeds that remain with an herbicide until no more are present. Plant grass seed if there are patches on the ground that are thinly covered with grass once finished.

Improve Soil Conditions And Cut Grass

Make conditions unfavorable for future weeds by adding nutrients to the soil on your property. Purchase a fertilizer or compost product and spread it evenly across your lawn. Some products are designed to work differently, so be sure to read the instructions on the back of the package that you have purchased before using it.

Cut the grass on your lawn often to prevent new onion wild onions from sprouting, just in case there are still onion bulbs under the ground. Eventually, the wild onion weeds will no longer be an issue that you worry about and you will have a beautiful lawn that you can be proud of.

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