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7 Ways To Turn Your Backyard Into An Enchanted Fairyland

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Whether you want to create a magical backyard space to capture your children's imagination or just want to create a beautiful space for yourself to enjoy, it's easy to transform an ordinary backyard into a fairyland. Simply follow these seven tips and your backyard will soon feel completely enchanted:

Add Fairy Garden Statues

It's not a fairy garden without fairies! Buy garden statues of fairies and add them here and there around your backyard. While full-size fairy statues are beautiful, another fun idea is to add several very small "fairy sized" statues or figurines. Only you and your children (or whoever you let in on the secret) will know there are tiny fairies scattered throughout your yard, adding to the sense of magic.

Add Wind Chimes

The ethereal sound of wind chimes works great in a fairy garden, helping to create a soothing atmosphere. For bonus points, look for wind chimes with fairies on them at your local garden supply store or online.

String up Twinkle Lights

Nothing creates a whimsical feeling quite like the glow of twinkle lights. Hang strings of lights around your patio and (if you have a long enough extension cord) around trees and trellises to really amp up the magical glow. Your goal should be for your kids or guests to go "Wow!" when they see your backyard all lit up at night.

Set Up Mini Houses and Furniture

Since fairy gardens are becoming more popular, especially with kids, you can now find miniature "fairy houses" as well as tiny furniture at many craft stores. You can create a simple tableau with a miniature cottage and a couple of fairy figurines, or create an entire fairy village with several homes and even shops.  

Add a Water Fountain

A small water fountain will add to the serene fairytale setting. For an extra dose of fairy magic, add colorful glass stones to the bottom of the fountain, and perhaps a small fairy figurine or two peering down into the fountain.

Create a Path and a Welcome Sign

If your kids or grandchildren are involved in creating your backyard fairyland, you can really fire up their imagination by having them create a path and a welcome sign for the "fairies." A simple path of tiny stones to lead the fairies into the garden, and a small wooden sign painted "Welcome Fairies" would be very sweet touches.

By following these steps you will soon transform your backyard into a delightful fairy garden.