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3 Tips for Hanging Drapes in the Home

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Although hanging drapes sounds like a simple task, it can be more complicated than you think. It is important that the drapes are hung correctly so that they complement the room while also standing out. Here are some tips for hanging drapes in any room in your home.

Choose Your Rod Placement

Where you place your rod can have a significant impact on how your drapes appear. Depending on how you position the rod and drapes, the window can appear to be wider or higher. For instance, if you want the window to appear taller than it is, place the rod a few inches above the window. The higher the rod placement, the taller the window will look.

If you want a window to appear to be wider, the rod needs to be placed at least a few inches beyond the sides. Be prepared to move the rod a few times to find the placement that looks best to you.

Add Accessories to the Drapes

Achieving the right look with your drapes extends beyond putting up the rod and hanging the drapes. Accessorizing your drapes is important. The right accessories can add style to your drapes. Even if you have inexpensive drapes, there are ways to spruce up their appearance without breaking your budget.

For instance, you can add a border to the drapes. A border can consist of ribbon that has been sewn or hot glued to the edges of the drapes. You can also add hardware, such as decorative holdbacks.

Be Creative with Your Placement

Drapes are not just for windows. You can use them in a variety of places around your home to add a decorative touch. For instance, you can opt for drapes to cover the door to a small space, such as an office, instead of a door. The drapes can also be used to cover your closets, bathroom, or a small bedroom.

Instead of using a shower curtain in your bathroom, opt for drapes. If you do use the drapes, be sure to place a clear liner behind it to keep the drapes dry.

You can also rely on your drapes to help define spaces around your home. For instance, if you have a large room that is used for several different purposes, the drapes can be used to help section off areas of the room.

The addition of drapes to a room can dramatically change its overall appearance. Take some time to learn what works best in your room before settling on a placement for the drapes. 

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