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Five Floral Gifts That Friends And Family Will Fancy

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When you are looking for a distinctive and thoughtful gift that will bring a smile to a friend or family member, try flower delivery services. There are many floral delivery services and companies in most regions that will arrange something special, or you can take the initiative to describe or create your own unique arrangement or celebratory bouquet.

Try the following five floral ideas that will please and impress those that you want to remember:

Wonders of window-boxes

Anyone on your gift-list or that you want to remember with a gracious gift will love a pre-planted window-box. Fill a simple window-box with annuals or perennials that will thrive and grow on a sunny porch or patio. These are handy and useful accents that will live long after the event or celebration has passed.

Tantalizing tulips

A big, fresh bunch of tulips always makes a thoughtful gift. Tulips are widely available flowers that are typically easy to find any time of the year. Ask a florist for a fresh bunch; the leaves make greenery not necessary, and these make a pretty presentation with a simple bow.

Remember with wreaths

Wreaths can be made from anything, from greens and herbs to flowers and leaves. Try mixing it up and making a fresh floral wreath that can be hung on a door or used as a centerpiece. Tuck a few fresh flowers in a simple grapevine wreath, found at any arts and crafts stores, for a fun and easy do-it-yourself gift idea.

Masculine mementos

Men appreciate flowers, too. Try creating a masculine bouquet with dyed blooms in shades of brown or blue. Use metallic containers or shimmering ribbon to make the gift sparkle and shine. Add a few sprigs of fresh herbs for a memorable scent that any man will love.

Baskets of blooms

Baskets are excellent centerpieces that can be reused again and again. Talk with florists about filling a unique basket with floral foam, and adding cut flowers and greens to fill. Tie a bow around the handle and give the convenient gift to your chosen recipient.

When you want to remember a friend or family member on a special day, try one of these five floral ideas. Call area florists to order something beautiful, or visit a local craft store and create your own stunning displays. Either way, these suggestions are sure to bring a smile to the face of those you share them with.