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Learn How To Create A Rustic Look On Your Wall Using Paper

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Creating a rustic look in your home may be easier than you think. Many people make the mistake of assuming that the only way they can get the look of wood-planked walls it to actually attach planks of wood to the walls. This can be expensive, time consuming, and a violation of a rental agreement, if you are renting an apartment (from companies such as Pacific Properties) or home. If you want to give your home a rustic look without the commitment of actually attaching wooden planks to your walls, use the following guide to learn the steps to use to create the look you want.

Choose the Paper

You can go online and find images of planks or old wooden boards and have a copying company print the pictures for you on large paper. The images will look just like real wood planks, but will cost you a fraction of what you would pay to attach real wood planks to your wall. The copying company can print enough images to cover every inch of your wall within just a few hours so that you can get started on the project right away.

Attach the Paper

Unroll the paper and tape the end of the paper to the ceiling directly above the intersection where the ceiling and wall you want to cover meet. Use painter's tape to secure the paper. Figure out how long the paper needs to be in order to cover the length of the wall by unrolling it and pressing it against the wall. Cut the paper so that it is an inch or two longer than it needs to be.

Attach the Paper

Roll the paper up the wall so that it is all the way to the ceiling. Spray adhesive spray directly to the wall in foot to two-foot size sections. Unroll the paper and press it against the adhesive. Spray the adhesive further down the wall and then unroll the paper more. Continue to spray the adhesive and attach the paper until the entire section is complete. Use a credit card or something with a smooth edge to smooth out any air bubbles that may be trapped between the paper and the wall. Repeat the process until the entire wall is complete.

Trim the Paper

Allow the adhesive to dry for three to four hours before continuing. Hold a ruler flush against the intersection where the ceiling and wall meet. Use a box cutter to trim the paper so that it stops right at the intersection. Take the ruler to the bottom of the wall and hold it against the area where the floor molding and the wall meet. Use the box cutter to trim the paper at the bottom of the wall in the same fashion as you did with the top of the wall.

If you feel that the look is not what you want or you are moving and need to return the home to its original condition, soak a wet rag in a solution that is equal parts hot water and white vinegar. Wipe the mixture on the wall, let it sit for about five minutes, and then peel the paper from the wall. The walls will look as good as new and you will have been able to enjoy the rustic look while you lived in the home.